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Last Update on July 13, 2011

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Whether you’re a tedious worker, a multi-tasking project manager or a vigilante, the chances of your life as a college student, you’ll come to the moment that the dream takes the back seat for other events in your life. This is never an ideal situation, because sleep is a natural physical function and the requirement to support a healthy college of life-physically, emotionally and financially (more than a dream is less than Red Bull) ..

So how do you manage to comb the night and day after you’ve been able to find yourself all night?

First of all, if you have time to sleep, take it! I’m serious. It’s not cool to stay all night, despite what a whole number of people can say. Your performance in the classroom, the work and the exams is based on getting enough sleep. As tempting as walking out or playing games all night, you can plan. If you pass the 7 AM exam in the next few days, you will get a bad amount of sleep in the night preceding the exam, which will help you more than stay at the end of the exam. The later the night when you learn, the less your mind will be able to record memory. You will become too familiar with thoughts such as “I remember the study of this chapter, but what was it?!”

If you feel like you don’t have time to sleep, try to do something.  If you can find a friend to take notes for you at the beginning of the morning lecture, ask them. If you can skip hours of work in the morning, ask for the time of the shutdown. Take the napps that fit the REM cycle, which usually takes about one and a half hours. Average-day babysitters help a lot when it comes to energy and productivity, and almost every college campus will be a zone in which you can relax for a while and rest. Once again, if there is a way you can sleep, get it …

As a side note, you may have heard what’s called the Uberman sleep schedule. This is a technique on LifeHack and on other websites where a person every three hours sleeps half an hour, and leads to what is considered the most effective sleep schedule. If you’re just starting in college, don’t even think about it. It is difficult and dangerous for your health and work if you are misadapted. While this may lead to more effective working habits, it is likely that you will burn faster and stronger than before …

Stay active and social.

At night, stay active. If you find that you are performing a repetitive task, take the time to take a walk. I’m not saying to stop being productive, but maybe you can take five, go to the toilet or the water fountain, and get the circle around the building where you are. Sitting in one place for too long, it’s just going to wear off your brain and put himself to sleep …

If you are going to be late, try this in groups. This helps you to participate actively in the work of the group and to talk instead of allowing your mind to numbe with what you do. It also helps the group, as they can make objective observations about your physical and mental condition. Being at the end, it is easy for a man to slip away from the thought that they are better than they are. Having friends help you stay safe and healthy for the entire time, as long as it is productive ..

Stay late or worry the day after tomorrow, try to stay away from a lot of energy drinks. The moderation is the key word here. These drinks can help you in an hour or two, but be warned that the more you drink, the less effect will be for the time. Your nerve endings in your brain are stimled and require more to get the same rush. A few drinks, for example, five hours of energy, are a little less harmful, because they are vitamins that help your organic to absorb energy faster, but it’s still not something you want to hook up with. These beverages are neither economical nor useful, as they may appear for the first time. These drinks are made to be dependent and keep you in the buying more. You’ll quickly find your bank account, which is a drain on expenses. Once again, I’m not saying that we stick together; they can help you through, just remember to use them in moderation …

Try to stick to the water instead. Believe it or not, I personally discovered that the storage of some cold water on the arm helps cardinally, especially in lectures. Your body just needs a quick shock to not wake up, activate a small part of your instincts. Another thing is not to stray into a nutcase or a puzzle, which is not too difficult. If you’re feeling dosing, try and psyche yourself to give yourself a little shot of adrenaline. If you go on energy drinks, try to fastback them throughout your time.

One more thing to stay away from sugar and fat. If you know you’re gonna be all night, you go to dinner carbs. You’ll get snacks like cereal bars, which are also high in carbohydrates. Again, sugar will give you a big temporary push, but you’re going to need something more substantial to get energy for the entire night study or night work. The delay is already causing the physical problems and causing it to become redundant and lethargic. Food only adds gas to the fire …

Get some sleep! I know it’s my third repeat, but if it’s possible, go get it. I saw a lot of freshman reathing before they ended their first semester. It requires you to be more responsible for the time you take to do other things and save enough time for sleep. It’s a hard lesson to find out how hard it is, and it takes a body that takes years to fix it. Sleep is a very real thing. The less and less you sleep, the more you need your body to fully recover. It’s the basic instinct of the human body, and it takes time for a dream to recover and process. If you bypass this process during the day, you will need to try more time to delay more time so your body will recover ..

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