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Last updated October 10, 2016

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Even though they were technically dressed in “business-to-business”,

In my office there was a sea of unwed shacks, lily shirts in shirts and brown skeetons, which were only just a little passed for business as usual. Most people were just done to meet office criteria-nothing more …

Of course, I wasn’t much better. While I was payering more attention to how my shirts fit, my titude to how I dressed, most, was bound down to:

” Who business, how do I dress? Everything that matters is how well I do my work. “

This atttitude was partly forgotten by my interactions with people in the culture of stars. I liked the idea of being Mark Zuckerberg, and I wanted to build a career for myself, which would allow me to wear hoodies and jeans if that’s what I had for …

But recently, I realized that what I was thinking about, as an expression of freedom from “restricted” dress dress, was, at least in part, also an expression of my own. I didn ’t want to dress well because I didn’ t know.I’ve learned a couple of other things about getting dressed. First, the way you dress, forms most of the immpression you make on other people. If you want to take advantage of.

Since I’ve working working mly from home and not being boss, I can wear whatever I want. I could write this very offer, dressed as Tingle.

As a result, I usually put on a T-shirt with buttons, beautiful jeans, and my dress shoes every day after I finish my morning routine. So I feel that I am a professional-and the results of my work are defined by what …

All this suests that I think you should start thinking more liberately about how you dress (at least if you were as unseen in the past as I) ..

I’m willing to bet that most of you are as much as I do-you go to the thing store, and you are immediately filled with all options. With all the different clothes, fabrics, colors and combinations, it may be difficult to know where to starred when you are trying to gather a wardrobe, which can handle many different levels of formality ..

This week’s episode will help you start building the knowledge base to do this. My guest tonight is my friend.

Antonio is an absolute expert in men s fashion; his site has more than 1,000 articles on drinking and grooming, and his.

In this episode, you will learn some basic and non-basic things; how to start building a versatile wardrobe, which shoes to buy for an interview, a function of a pocket square, and much more. Enjoy!And finally, here’s a shock of the shirt I was in that interview – Antonio and I’m talking about it, so I wanted you to be able to see it.

The things mentioned in this episode:

  • Fun fact: a suit.
  • You want a cooler thing? You can find the most different tools in mine.

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