A detailed overview of the rocketbook everlast

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The Rocketbook Everlast is a reusable laptop that facilitates the digitization of your notes …

We talk a lot about digital tools at Info Geek College. Be it.

However, we also know that physical instruments have a place. This is especially true when you take notes about how to take notes manually.

But traditional paper notebooks do not offer the organization’s simplicity as digital acceptance systems. Also, if you lose your notebook (or forget to bring it with you), you will not be able to access the information. And once you fill in the notebook, you have to go out and buy a new …

Fortunately, we have opened a tool that offers both physical and digital acceptance of the note. It’s called a Rocketbook Everlast, and it lets you take physical notes, quickly digitize them, and then.

Does that sound too good to be true? Read about our full Rocketbook Everlast …

Since Thomas opened it.

In Rocketbook, there are three main functions that make it seasoned:

  • The book “Roququetzka” is abrasion.
  • You can easily digitize a Rocketbook note.
  • Rocketbook offers good quality experience.
  • Let’ s look at each of these features.

    This is one of the main selling points of the Rocketbook Everlast. After you finish writing on the page, you can erase the ink by using the wet cloth. This allows you to repeatedly use Notepad as an infinite number of times

    So what makes Rocketbook erasable? To erase your notes, you need to write with a special pen called.

    It’s a great Gimmick, but you can erase the wave just five times. You’ll need a new one after that. For this reason, we recommend Rocketbook Everlast. From now on, we’re talking about a Rocketbook Everlast when we say “Rocketbook.”

    While Rocketbook is cool, it doesn’t make it unique. The market is full of other erased notebooks. What a Rocketbook spill is how easy it is to digitizing your notes …

    Of course, you can digitize notes from any laptop using scanner software and your phone camera. However, the process was generally cumbersome. Rocketbook solves this problem with the help of QR codes and 7 special icons you will find at the bottom of each page:

    On loading.

    If you want more specific information, you can also select a specific folder or notebook from an icon. For example, you can assign each icon a link to another Evernote notebook. This allows the note to be digitized.

    After you have installed and are ready to digitize the page, all you need to do is mark the target icon and scan the page with the Rocketbook ..

    Your notes will then be automatically saved in the folder you selected, no additional applications or steps are required!.

    In Rocketbook, you can also choose to save notes as PDF or JPEG. The PDF option even enables you to include multiple notes pages in a single document that you can easily review later.

    The Rocketbook excels at digization and easy to erasing your notes. What about the writing? In the end, it is still a notebook, and the quality of experience has a lot …

    In general, Rocketbook offers “rather good” written experience. That’s it.

    There are three main things that keep writing experience from being as good as plain paper:

  • The Pero “Frexion” will not give you the same black line as the high quality pen on plain paper. However, you can create a line that is almost as good, with some practice ..
  • The texture of the paper allows the ink to be erased, which is excellent. But as a result, it lacks the grip and accuracy that you get when writing on plain paper ..
  • Fritchion ink takes about 10 seconds. This is not a huge question, but there is a risk to smell ink if you clean your hand or hand over the page before the ink …
  • It should also be noted that the Frixion handles did not last until the same time as the normal handles. How long they have last depended on how much you use them and what you write (shading large areas of solid color, of course, will carry the pen faster).

    On the side of being able to be able, what is a Rocketbook Everlast like? How does that look and feel?

    Everlast comes at 3:

    If you’re a student, the best thing is “Rocketbook.” It offers the most space for accepting notes and images ..

    In addition to choosing the size of your laptop, you also have two options:

    We are big fans of the pixel grid, as it allows you to easily draw diagrams and drawings. The dots are pretty thin, so you can also ignore them if you don’t need a grid. If you prefer a more “traditional” laptop, then you might want to get the paper form …

    All sizes are also easily placed in.

    The last thing to consider when buying a Rocketbook is the price. We will not deny that-Rocketbook costs more than most laptops in the market. So if you’re used to buying your laptops for $2 from Walmart or Target, you need to apply a little …

    Here’s how the price of the Rocketbook Everlast:

    While it is more expensive than the main notebook from the discount store, Everlast is comparable in price with other premium-class notebooks, such as.

    The writing of experience leaves much to be desired than conventional paper, but with some practice it is easy to adapt. And it’s worth having the opportunity to reuse your notebook, and it’s also easy to digitize your notes …

    Want to know about the best way to write notes in the new Rocketbook Everlast? I’ll check our manual.

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